D/NoVA Board Meeting NOTES February 14, 2015

Dignity NoVA Board Meeting


February 14 @ 5:30 pm @ICOH


Opening Prayer...

Roll Call....Joe H, Anje B, John W, Dave V, Harry B, David L, Eileen H.

Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..Approved as amended


Officers Reports


Treasurer/Others: 1. 2014 Annual Financial Report...The Treasurer reported that we ended 2014 with $36,337.99 in Net Worth. The Board voted unanimously to submit the 2014 Annual Financial Report to our membership.


Board Meeting 12/13/14

JH,JW,DL,KP in attendance.  BW and EH absent. 

The board met to discuss plans for Christmas 2014.  We will have a party at Monika and Mary's following mass on Christmas Eve.

We will take up a collectiuon for SOME.  The board authorized up to $250 from the Belle Fund for SOME.

Board Meetng Notes from 5/10/14

Dignity NoVA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

May 10, 2014 @ 5:00 PM @ICOH


Opening Prayer...JW


Roll Call....JH, BW, JW, DL, EH, KP, AB, HB


Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..approved with spelling errors corrected


Officers Reports

President: defer


Treasurer/Others: D/NoVA has over $33,000 in the bank. Looking good!


Liturgy Committee Report

Other Issues


Old Business