Membership in Dignity NoVA is free and available to all those who wish to join our organization. However, to be a member we must have at least the minimun inforamtion listed below.



D/NOVA is a welcoming community of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Catholics, our families and friends, with a common mission to:

1. establish a nurturing community of worship, celebration, ministry, spiritual development, education and fellowship;

2. provide a healing outreach to GLBT Catholics by affirming that all people are children of God; and

3. be a prophetic witness of Jesus' teachings and message to the Church, to the GLBT community, and to society through the unique and individual spiritual experiences of GLBT persons.

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At a minimum, please complete your name and contact information. Providing your email address allows us to contact you with important information. Generally, all liturgies, activities and Board of Directors (BoD) meetings are open to all interested individuals regardless of whether or not they are a member of D/NOVA. However, membership in D/NOVA is highly encouraged and open to all those interested individuals who attend events sponsored by D/NOVA and/or to persons who support the purpose, mission and goals of D/NOVA. Membership is required to vote in D/NOVA elections and/or to hold office in D/NOVA.