Contribute to Dignity/Northern Virginia

Dignity Northern Virginia has been classified as a public charity by IRS and is exempt from federal income taxes under section 501 ( c ) (3) of the IRS Code. It is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts; and in general, contributions to Dignity Northern Virginia can be claimed as a deduction on an individual’s income tax return under section 170 of the Code.

We attempt to make contributing to D/NoVA as easy and as painless as possible. You can of course contribute by cash or check dropped in the collection basket each week. You can also send a contribution to us at our Post Office Box address:

Dignity NoVA
P.O. Box 100566
Arlington, VA. 22210-3566

You may also contribute to D/NoVA using your American Express card. You get points on your American Express credit card enrolled in their Rewards program. D/NoVA pays a fee of 2.25% of the contribution for your use of this service.

You can set up a one-time or recurring payment to D/NoVA using your American Express card by visiting their web site at: Just click on the "CONTRIBUTE NOW" link on the left side of the screen, and then type in Dignity Northern Virginia when prompted to specify the charity your are looking for. On the next screen, click on Dignity Northern Virginia, and then click on DONATE NOW. Then follow the prompts to complete your donation.

You may also contribute to D/NoVA using your Discover card. Go to: for instructions on using your Discover card to contribute to D/NoVA.

Electronic banking makes contributing to D/NoVA fast and easy. On your electronic banking account, you can set up a one-time or recurring e-check made payable to Dignity NoVA, and instruct your bank to send it to us at the post office box address noted above. Instead of sending an echeck, you could arrange with your bank to send a one-time or recurring electronic funds transfer to Dignity NoVA. Instruct your bank to send the funds to D/NoVA at our Routing Number and using our Account Number both of which can be obtained from the Treasurer.

For an individual's contributions to be deductible, IRS requires a timely statement from D/NOVA setting forth the amount of the contribution(s) and a statement as to whether any goods or services were given in exchange for the contribution. D/NOVA is in compliance with these requirements and provides such statements to those individuals who have made cash contributions by check or in kind contributions such as gifts of items other than an individual's time. The amount of personal time that an individual devotes to a public charity is not tax deductible.

While Dignity Northern Virginia does not have or keep a record of the amount of dollar bills or coins that an individual puts into the collection basket, we do keep a record of an individual’s contributions made by check payable to Dignity NoVA or Dignity Northern Virginia.

According to IRS, "cash" means any form of monetary contribution including cash, checks, money orders, credit card contributions, etc. An individual must keep records to prove the amount of the cash, check, or payroll deduction contributed to Dignity/NOVA if the individual wishes to claim a deduction on his or her income tax return. Generally, an individual’s canceled checks or bank statement documents the contributions. Starting January 1, 2007, IRS advised that donors must keep better records -- checks, receipts, credit card statements, etc. -- for all "cash" donations no matter how small in order to deduct those contributions from an individual's tax return.

D/NOVA has and will continue to make every effort to correctly document all "cash" contributions made by check. D/NOVA has no way of identifying contributions made other than by check placed in the collection basket unless the individual places the contribution in a sealed envelope with identifying information including the contributor's name and address or makes other arrangements with the Treasurer.

We hope that you will use any [or all ;o)] of these quick and easy methods of financially support your faith community.If you have any specific questions concerning deductibility of contributions, you should consult your tax adviser. Any other questions concerning Dignity/NOVA finances and reporting should be addressed to the President or Treasurer. 703-912-1662