Dignity NoVA Financial Report Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013




General Fund (Including Anje's Purse) as of 01/01/2013        27,363.20

Belle Fund as of 01/01/2013                                                   +2,432.00

Total Balance as of 01/01/2013                                              29,795.20

Liabilities                                                                                              0


General Fund (Including Anje's Purse) as of 01/01/2013                      27,363.20

General Fund Income 01/01/2013 thru 12/31/2013 (see over)           +15,066.70

General Fund Expenses 01/01/2013 thru 12/31/2013 (see over)        -12,082.91

Gen Fund Balance as of 12/31/2013                                                    30,346.99


Belle Fund Balance as of 01/01/2013                                                               2,432.00

Belle Fund Income (Transfer from Gen Fund 1,000 plus 355 contribution)   +1,355.00

Belle Fund Expenses 01/01/2013 thru 12/31/2013 (see comments)              -1,755.00

Belle Fund Balance as of 12/31/2013                                                              2,032.00


Gen Fund (Incl Anje's Purse total of $1500.00)

            Balance as of 12/31/2013                                                      30,346.99

Belle Fund Balance as of 12/31/2013                                                  2,032.00

Total Balance as of 12/31/2013                                                         32,378.99


Liabilities as of 12/31/2013                                                                              0


Accounts Receivable (Anje's Purse)                                                  1,500.00



Balance as of 01/01/2007               17,167.18

Balance as of 01/01/2008               14,173.10

Balance as of 01/01/2009               12,611.11

Balance as of 01/01/2010               19,166.14

Balance as of 01/01/2011                22,172.14 (Note: $14,000 of this held in CDs)

Balance as of 01/01/2012                27,865.99 (Note: $21,110.49 of this in 0.5% MM Fund)

Balance as of 01/01/2013                29,795.35 (Note: $17,664.54 of this in 0.20% MM Fund)

Balance as of 12/31/2013                32,378.99 (Note: $22,701.09 of this is an 0.20% MM Fund)








1/1/2013 through 12/31/2013 Expenses & Income Statement

Category Description Actual




Advertising - Blade Ad (@$91.00 every other week)              -2,366.00

Church Rent @$100 per night                                                -5,650.00

Clergy Stipend @$100 per mass                                              -500.00

Donations to the Belle Fund                                                    -1000.00

Flowers                                                                                     -472.94

Liturgy Supp - Other (Wine, etc.)                                              -103.36

Miscellaneous                                                                           -519.00

Munley Church  Supplies                                                         -166.35

Musicians ($80.00 per mass)                                                   -390.00

Office Supplies                                                                           -16.95

Oreg Cath Press Hymnals & Music                                         -303.94

P O Box Rent (per year)                                                          -148.00

Socials                                                                                    - 420.37

VA Incorporation Tax (per year                                                 -26.00



TOTAL EXPENSES                                                            12,082.91




Dignity USA Chapter Support                       60.00

DW Pymt for Blade Ad                            1,183.00

Fund Raising                                              950.00

Interest                                                         36.55

Weekly Collection                                  12,837.15


 TOTAL INCOME                                    15,066.70  







We are holding steady at about 15 to 20 people at every mass.


Our weekly collections year to date are averaging about $250 each week. On average, we spend about $225 each week, but our actual expenses would be significantly higher except for the very generous donation of time by several of our presides and musicians.


The Belle Fund was named in honor of Mark J's mother, Belle, who left D/NoVA money to help other D/USA chapters. The D/NoVA Board later made the Belle Fund the source of all contributions from D/NoVA to others. The Board funded the Belle Fund with $1000 from the General Fund in 2013. Additional restricted contributions are made to the Belle Fund by individuals. In 2013, the Board authorized payments from The Belle Fund as follows:


AIDSWALK (with D/W)........................................ 250.00

D/USA 2013 Convention............................................. 250.00

St Matthew Church Phila IMO Eva's Mom….......... 100.00

Gifts to Fr Joe and Fr Tim @ $100 each ..............200.00

Equally Blessed World Youth Day................................100.00

Citi Ministries IHO Fr. Bob Fagan ............................250.00

Catholic Relief Service for Philippines Relief........ 605.00

TOTAL BELLE FUND EXPENSES:                         $1755.00


At the suggestion of Anje B., a previous Board authorized the establishment of Anje's Purse to provide a temporary bridge loan to members of our community who are experiencing financial difficulties. The Board initially funded this with $2500, and additional contributions and transfers from the General Fund brought the balance of Anje's Purse up to $3000. In accord with the criteria established by the Board in 2011, a loan in the amount of $1500 is currently outstanding.


Our community could not continue without the countless hours of time freely contributed by our members. Just as volunteering is a personal decision, so is financial support for our community based on each person’s financial circumstances. Some will be able to give more and others less. On average, if each of the 15 to 20 people attending mass could contribute $15 to $20 per week, we would be able to cover our expenses and not deplete our resources.


May God continue to bless us and all who continue to support our community with your contributions of time and talent and treasure.