Feb 11, 2017 D NoVA Board Meeting Notes


Dignity NoVA Board Meeting


February 11 @ 5:15 pm @ICOH

Opening Prayer...AB

Roll Call....JH, AB, HB, EW, EH, DL

Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary).. Deferred

Officers Reports


Treasurer/Others: 1. Annual Report to Virginia filed

    1. IRS return for 2016 filed

    2. Budget approved vote: 5 to 0

    3. Current Financial Report bank balance: $41, 618.84 we need to look for investment which pays better interest

Liturgy Committee Report:

  1. Lenten Books. To be distributed

  2. Lenten Reflections by Harry during Lent, Harry will give brief talk at the beginning of mass on the readings for the day used at the mass for RCIA folks

  3. Anointing 3/18

  4. Penance 3/25

  5. Holy Week Triduum Doing with DW, Holy Thur and Easter Vigil at ICOH and Good Friday all at 7:30pm Order pizza for Holy Thursday....pot luck desert social for Vigil... volunteer readers, etc from D/NoVA needed. Sunday at ST. M at 6:00pm

Old Business

New Business

A. 25th Anniversary DL to do Survey Monkey to get best date in May or June. Maybe room at restaurant for mass and party, or mass and party on boat

Adjournment—Next Meeting Date TBD