D/NoVA Board Meeting Sept 6, 2014 NOTES

Dignity NoVA Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Sept 6, 2014 @ 5:00 PM @ICOH


Opening Prayer...JH


Roll Call....JH, BW, KP, EH, AB, DL


Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..Approved as submitted


Officers Reports



Treasurer/Others: Current Report Seasonal decline in weekly contributions, but overall we are ok. Current balance of $36,352.91


Liturgy Committee Report: Planing on an Advent C.E. Program with Harry B perhaps on the mass and Easter 2015 by Joe H on the sacraments. Joe H donated money for 50 Advent daily readers for our community.

Other Issues


Old Business

A. Women Priest presider: Joe H reported that the Task Force on Womenpresiders found that there was no consensus within the DW community to have a woman-presider. D/NoVA to discuss issue at our Annual Meeting. Perhaps try to distribute relevant info before then


New Business

A. Set fall calendar: Anointing on 9/27 and 12/20; Blessing of the Animals on 10/4 (we will solicit contributions for a local animal shelter; Solidarity Sunday - National Coming Out Day 10/11/14; Walk to End AIDS 10/25/14 DW and D/NoVA co-sponsors; World AIDS Day 12/1/15; confession 12/6.


B. Elections Cmte...Karen P to head elections Cmte. Nominations due by 10/18; Elections at Annual Meeting on 11/8 after mass with dinner social - sandwiches, etc..


C. Contributions to others: Board voted unanimously to donate $100 to LGBT Veterans group in honor of Veterans Day – AB to find out details and give to DL. $150 to DUSA via Jim Smith on 11/15. $100 to Carpenters Shelter in Alexandria.


D. Movie Night: No responses but EH will come up with a date and plan


E. Other: NoVA Pride 10/5/14 (we will publicize); Jim Smith (D/USA, 11/15/14 to preside); Ignatian Spirituality (Defer at this time); Advertise ICOH Pumpkin Patch


F. Adjournment—Next Meeting Date: 10/25/14.




The Secretary certified that a quorum was present.

The President and Treasuer submitted reports on the current status of the chapter.

The Secrertary conducted the election of members of the BoD.

By unanimous vote of the members, the following individuals were certified as elected by the Secrtary:

Joe H as President

Beth W as VP

John W as Secxretary

David L as Treasurer,

Karen P as At Large Member

Eileen H as At Lareg Member

Following the election of officers, the membership discussed the idea of having women priest serve the community as presiders.  Following the discssion,

a vote was taken and the President declard that it was the consensus of the community that D/NoVA should have women priests as presiders.


Board Meeting 12/13/14

JH,JW,DL,KP in attendance.  BW and EH absent. 

The board met to discuss plans for Christmas 2014.  We will have a party at Monika and Mary's following mass on Christmas Eve.

We will take up a collectiuon for SOME.  The board authorized up to $250 from the Belle Fund for SOME.