D/NoVA Board Meeting NOTES February 14, 2015

Dignity NoVA Board Meeting


February 14 @ 5:30 pm @ICOH


Opening Prayer...

Roll Call....Joe H, Anje B, John W, Dave V, Harry B, David L, Eileen H.

Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..Approved as amended


Officers Reports


Treasurer/Others: 1. 2014 Annual Financial Report...The Treasurer reported that we ended 2014 with $36,337.99 in Net Worth. The Board voted unanimously to submit the 2014 Annual Financial Report to our membership.


            1. 2015 Proposed Budget...The Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed new budget for 2015.


            2. Belle Fund...The Board voted unanimously to NOT give $1500 from the General Fund to the Belle Fund as we had done in prior years, but to designate the Belle Fund as the recipient of the proceeds from our Anniversary Dinner Party.


            3. The Board voted unanimously to pay Gene V. $150 for his services preparing the music selections for out liturgies.


            1. The Treasurer reported on our 2015 Income and Expenses to date.


Liturgy Committee Report

Easter CE and Holy Week

  1. We will give Ashes next Saturday, 2/21.

  2. Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil will be at 7:30 pm at Joe H's condo party room at Gallows Rd and Strawberry Ln in Merrifield, VA. Harry has or will get everything that is necessary to proceed. Further info and directions will be forthcoming. We will do something like last year, i.e., pizza after the Thursday night service and dessert social after the Vigil mass. Susan will do music at both services.

  3. Joe H to present a class on the seven sacraments during the weeks after Easter.


Old Business

A. Movie Night..Eileen will pick and date and movie, probably a Sunday afternoon movie in Shirlington with dinner at a local restaurant to follow.


New Business

A. Joe H will check out Evite; Anniversary Dinner on May 16th


Adjournment—Next Meeting Date: April 11, 2015