D/NoVA 2013 Annual Meeting Notes and Election of Board of Directors for 2014

Dignity NoVA Annual Meeting NOTES

November 23, 2013 @ 8:15 PM @ICOH

Dinner @ 7:45 pm Meeting begins @ 8:15 pm

The Secretary is the MC and opens the meeting and certifies that we have a quorum.

Secretary John W. called the meeting to order and certified that with 18 people present, we had a quorum.


The President's report followed by Q & A. President Joe H reported that the state of our chapter was good, stable and strong especially in view of the situations in other chapters around the country. He noted D/NoVA's presence at the 2013 D/USA convention in Minneapolis, on the progress of our discussion on the possibility of having women priests presiders at DW and D/NoVA, on D/NoVA's monthly collections of food for the OLQP Food Bank, and other items. He noted D/NoVA's recent meeting with the new rector of ICOH, D/NoVA's, and the possibility of a rent increase at ICOH. He noted the recent D/NoVA retreat at St. Clement's and requested continued support from the community.


The Treasurer's: Treasurer David L gave a report on the chapter's finances. Our financial situation continues to be good. Details will be posted on the D/NoVA web site.


Liturgy Chair report (with the President) to discuss Holy Week 2014 (Easter is April 20)

Liturgy Chair Harry B noted that Jack K had moved further away and that his participation would be limited in the future. The community expressed its thanks to Jack for his many years of faithful service. Harry announced the Holy Week schedule. On Christmas Eve, Mark J will look into getting the creche, but it might be insufficient time to assemble and dismantle the creche this year as we will start mass at 7:00 pm on 12/24 and have a brief dessert social after mass, and we need to be off campus by 8:45 pm. For Holy Week 2014, Harry noted that DW did not want to have joint services this year. Our plans for Holy Week 2014 are not yet completed and will in a large extent depend on the support of the community.


Comments: Comments and questions were discussed in an open forum.


Secretary conducts election for the 2014 Board. Introduce candidates for office:

Joe for president; Beth for vp; John for secretary; David for treasurer; Karen for at large; Eileen for at large. Per the D/NoVA bylaws, no nominations are accepted from the floor.


Secretary calls for a vote and certifies the election results. The Secretary introduced the candidates for election to the board for a term of one year beginning January 1, 2014. All candidates were elected by a unanimous vote of the membership in attendance. Thanks was given to Patrick McN for his three years of service on the board. He is not able to serve on the board next year.


The Secretary receives a motion to adjourn the meeting and closes the meeting. The Secretary received a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and by unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned. Dessert @ 8:30 pm