Dignity NoVA Board Meeting NOTES March 5, 2016


Dignity NoVA Board Meeting


March 5, 2016 @ 5:30 pm @ICOH



Opening Prayer...Beth W


Roll Call....Joe H, JW, KP, AB, DL, BW, Mark J

Absent Eileen H

Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..Approved as submitted

Officers Reports



Treasurer/Others: 1. 2015 Annual Financial Report accepted

  1. 2016 Budget adopted.

    Balance as of 3/5/16 $31,932.19 in the bank.


Liturgy Committee Report: Holy Week 2016 schedule set and to be sent to members. Dessert social after Vigil mass. D/NoVA offered to go as long as 1.75 hours with the Vigil mass, but DW wanted at least 2 hours. So no joint Vigil. Also, DW prefers to do Holy Thursday mass with St Margaret's.


Old Business

A. .Get dates for La Cage

B. Discuss woman presider when Eileen available

New Business

A. Plans for 24thd Anniversary Same as last year. Anje will provide food. . DL to send out Survey Monkey to pick Date. Harry says that ICOH available May 7&14, and June 11 & 18. Susan wedding May 21. Memorial Day May 28. DL to send invites with RSVP by May 1.  ? to get wine/soft drinks. Do silent auction. Maybe get Frank DeBenardo as ann dinner speaker.



Adjournment—Next Meeting Date to finalize plans for Anniversary Dinner