BOD Meeting Notes April 18, 2015

Dignity NoVA Board Meeting NOTES

April 18 @ 5:30 pm @ICOH

Opening Prayer...Joe H

Roll Call....Joe H, JW, KP, AB, EH, DL

Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..Approved as submitted

Officers Reports


Treasurer/Others: 1. 2015 to date Financial Report accepted

The Board decided to take money from our Money Market account and purchase a 1 year CD for $20,000 at @.40%

Liturgy Committee Report

Old Business

A. Review Holy Week activities. Things went very well. Thanks to all.

B. Review Movie and Dinner and Chat. Was fun. EH to plan another for May 24

New Business

A. Plans for 23rd Anniversary on May 16th Same as last year . DL to send out invite with resquest fro RSVP by May 1. AB to get food. Maybe EH to get wine. Do silent auction. JH maybe get woman priest as ann dinner speaker.

B. D/USA Convention Donation Get half page ad. DL to get info and JW to create ad.

The Board voted to pay for JH's $300 registration fee to the DUSA convention in Seattle.

JW may try to set up a Meet Up account for D/NoVA

DL to look into Linkedin.

Adjournment—Next Meeting Date May 9 to finalize plans for Anniversary Dinner