Board Meetng Notes from 5/10/14

Dignity NoVA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

May 10, 2014 @ 5:00 PM @ICOH


Opening Prayer...JW


Roll Call....JH, BW, JW, DL, EH, KP, AB, HB


Minutes from the last meeting (Secretary)..approved with spelling errors corrected


Officers Reports

President: defer


Treasurer/Others: D/NoVA has over $33,000 in the bank. Looking good!


Liturgy Committee Report

Other Issues


Old Business

A. Women Priest presider.. JH notes that Father Tim at DW after mass on 5/18


New Business

A. Review Holy Week (good, bad, and ugly) HB reported that the Vigil mass mixup was a micommunication with ICOH that has never happened before and probably will never happen again. Otherwise, much positive feedback received on the intimacy and spirit filled Vigil mass at JH's and the same with Holy Thursday. We got good numbers and good responses and the music on Holy Saturday was especially powerful.


B. Anniversay dinner (date 6/28, time after mass, place ICOH, menu, International theme with catering by Maggione's (Anje will do) chianti by Eileen, paper plates, etc by Karen . We need to work on auction, music, soft drnks, ice. David will prepare Community Award certificate for Vic ; HB to verify availability of the hall. etc)


C. Contributions to others $50 gifts to POFEV, WOC, Sisters of Charity in memory of Joe O'Hare's dad approved by board


D. Rosary 6:00 pm 5/17


E. Other David to print out mailing list and bring next week. Maybe we can call folks and encourage them to come to mass, etc. Eileen to look at Facebook, JW to look at ad in Falls Church Times, other outreach areas need to be discussed


F. Adjournment—Next Meeting Date perhaps 6/21 to go over plans for 6/28