Dignity Northern Virginia 22nd Anniversary

About 40 members and friends gathered on June 28th  to celebrate Dignity Northern Virginia's 22nd Anniversary.  At mass, Father Joe Hennessy, the president of D/NoVA, noted that in D/NoVA's service to others and in our love for one another, we are Christ for one another, and we do it because we are Catholics who believe in and try to follow Christ's path.  Following mass, a wonderful international evening was planned with posters and souvenirs from our travels decorating the church hall.  A wonderful, catered Italian dinner courtesy of Anje Beger with drinks courtesy of her partner, Eileen Hanrahan, was served.  Many others did their part to make the evening special.  Sister Jeannine Gramick was an honored guest.  She spoke of Pope Francis and noted the balance that the Pope has attempted to bring to so many issues confronting the Church.  She is encouraged that Francis is warning that the Church's moral edifice might “fall like a house of cards” if it doesn't balance its divisive rules about abortion, gays and contraception with the greater need to make the Church a merciful, more welcoming place for all.  Sister Jeannine was given a Community Service Award (CSA) for her efforts to bring equality and justice to LGBTQ peoples.  A CSA was also given to Vic Pethe for his support of our president and for being so gracious and welcoming into his home.  The 2014 President's Award was given to Anje Berger for ​her dedication and service to D/NoVA as a Lector, organizer, supporter and faithful friend.

Many thanks to all of those who attended and help make our celebration such a great success especially those who helped in setting up before and cleaning up afterwards, those who donated and purchased items at our silent auction, and those who brought special items from their travels to help decorate the hall.